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By Dr. Joseph Ofori-Dankwa
March 24, 2016

So often, we take God’s blessing of life for granted. In truth, we are as fragile as the leaves blowing in the wind. The truth of our fragility of life requires us to seek a rock on which to reside. It requires us to seek to rest squarely on God’s shoulders and his promise that we will be taken care off, no matter what. It requires us to have faith. It requires us, even in the midst of storms, to not fret but have faith and believe that we are covered and protected. It requires us to pray for God’s favor which are blessings not deserved!!

How fragile is life???  What of God’s favor??  Here is a true story of fragility, God’s mercy and favor and three coincidences!!

I arrived at Michigan State University, in September of 1983 to undertake my doctorate degree. I was young, gifted and black. I felt invincible, with the sky as the limit. I had left Ghana and arrived in United States, the land of opportunity!!

Arriving at Spartan Village, I run into my first coincidence.  My assigned roommate in my apartment at Spartan village was Fred Yarney. It so happened that his uncle, also named Fred Yarney was married to my cousin, Sarah. They lived in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The first semester went well and at the end of the semester, Fred and I decided to go down to Charlottesville to visit our relatives. We traveled by bus, and arrived on a Saturday evening. The next day, we decided to go “check the town out”. We were both young and unmarried.

We were having a great time, driving around in a Fiat Strada, a relatively small car. We were listening to music and just having fun. We approached an intersection and stopped. The light turn green and our car started again and then there was a loud bang!!!!!, followed by loud sound of silence!!!!  And the strange phenomena of hearing myself shouting “I am dying , I am dying”.

We were involved in a horrific accident. A large Ford sedan had broad sided us and had totaled the car we were in. I was in the back seat of the Fiat and did not have my seat belt on. I broke my neck on the third and fourth vertebrae. The doctors said that if the broken bones of my spinal cord had move one millimeter more, they will have pierced into my spinal cord and I would have been totally paralyzed.

Then I run into my second coincidence!! The lead surgeon who was assigned to my case was a young doctor. She told me she was a Michigan State alumnus. She told me she would take good care of me and that I should not worry!!

My third coincidence occurred in the Intensive ward in which I was recuperating. There was a young man, who was the same age as me. His name was Carl. He was very good with cars, and had just bought his first car. He had jacked the car up and gone under to examine the engine. The car slipped off the jack and fell on his neck. He was paralyzed from the neck down. What hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks was the fact that, in spite of this dire predicament that he was in, he totally believed that God was going to take total care of him. He did not worry and he was at peace.  It was well with his soul!!!

It took about six months for me to fully recover and to have the halo cast removed from my skull. The four visible scars on my head to this day always remind me of the three coincidences. They also remind me of the fragility of life. Finally, they remind me of God mercy and favor, and how it is so undeserved.  

I am therefore bound to pay tribute for mercies extended and favors so undeserved. I constantly reminded of the words of the powerful song titled Tribute by Andrae Crouch:

How can I say thank you for the things you have done for me.
Things so undeserved and yet you gave to prove your love to me,
The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude
All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it all to you:
To God be the Glory!!!


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