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Employment Opportunities

Position Title: Associate Musician (organ/keyboardist)

Reports to: Minister of Music

Revised: February 2017

Principle Function

The organist/keyboardist is responsible for playing for congregational services, the choirs, accompanying musical groups, the pastor and assisting in other musical activities in the church (onsite and offsite). Work in harmony with the Minister of Music, (or designee), Music Department, Leaders of the Church to fulfill the Pastor’s vision as it relates to the ministry of music and overall mission of the church.

Specific List of Responsibilities:

• Proficient in playing a Hammond organ (and other keyboard)

• Play for all services of the church, both regular and special as directed by the Pastor and Minister of Music. This includes funerals as well as other occasions when an organist/keyboardist is needed.

• Play for special church-sponsored events such as evangelistic outreach, fine arts, funerals, etc. when requested. (Weddings require special arrangements between the Music Department staff member and the requesting wedding party).

• Attend choir rehearsals (Echoes of Praise, Youth, Children, Mass/special events choir) as directed by the Minister of Music or designee. Work with the Minister of Music (or designee) to prepare music material for choir rehearsals.

• Accompany the pastor to special engagements upon request.

• Assist, when requested by the Minister of Music (or designee), with planning and directing a training program to develop musicians (i.e. the band and budding musicians).

• Practice regularly and attend band rehearsals as requested to prepare to accompany musical groups, including the Praise Team or special events/activities requiring music.

• Assist the Minister of Music (or designee) in ensuring that the organ/keyboards (other musical equipment) are in good working order and up to date. Promptly notify the Minister of Music (or designee) if any repairs/maintenance are needed for the organ/keyboard or other musical instruments.

• Develop and maintain a growing repertoire of music to meet diverse music needs.

• Assist the Minister of Music (or designee) in appraising and selecting music and in conducting a preliminary study of new musical materials when requested.

• Assist with the Minister of Music (or designee) with teaching the choir(s) new material as requested.

• Serve as the accompanist for ensembles and soloists when called upon.

• Assist the Minister of Music (or designee) in preparing for sound checks before services/special events.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Minister of Music or Office of the Pastor.


Other General/Personal Responsibilities:

• Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed bible study, prayer and meditation.

• Faithfully attend services and teaching ministries.

• Financially support the work of VBM by faithfully tithing (10% of your income). Maintain wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.

• Promote and support the overall vision of the Pastor to all music participants.

Apply by sending resume with list of 3 references with current telephone numbers to In the subject line please include ASSOCIATE MUSICIAN. All

Resumes must be received by 5 p.m. on February 22, 2017.




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