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Children’s Ministry Coordinator


Position title: Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Reports to: Senior Director of Ministries

Date Revised: January 2019

Principle Function:

To serve the church by creating and initiating wholesome, spiritual and recreational programs for children 12 years old and under, that will encourage and promote good habits, strong minds, healthy bodies, and a desire to live godly and productive lives.

Leadership Skills Desired:

• Must be a good role model/mentor with no criminal record of child abuse and must lead by example in faithfulness, attendance, and stewardship.

• Have knowledge of First Aid

• Possess excellent organizational skills and the ability to lead, serve, motivate, and inspire those given to his/her charge

• 3-5 years of leadership experience in children’s ministry

• Background check will be required.

Specific List of Responsibilities:

• Preside at regularly scheduled meetings and lead in the department of staff, policies and policies and procedures, meeting monthly with children ministry leaders to pray and identify the needs and interest of children within the church and the community and to discuss upcoming events, challenges, solutions, and praises.

• Organize the Children’s Church and train them to ultimately become church workers and leaders

• Create, initiate, and implement programs that are specifically designed to inspire children and lead them to Christ.

• Create an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm within the hearts of the children

• Challenge the children to acquire Christian character and discipline, proper church conduct, a sense of self-worth, fair-play, and an appreciation and respect for others through wholesome physical and mental recreation.

• Involve the children in ministry responsibility and participation in the ministry’s children’s program and activities

• Acquire and maintain a confidential file on each child (names, addresses, telephone numbers, parents’ names, background information, etc.)

• Foster and maintain a good rapport with the children’s parents by communicating with them on a regular basis

• Inform the children and their parents, well in advance, of any activities for the entire year and distribute a Calendar or Activities list to the administrative staff, parents, Children’s leaders.

• Always ascertain that there are enough chaperones during activities to ensure the children’s safety and well-being- ensuring that the church’s insurance company provides proper liability insurance: permission slips should be kept on file and copies should be taken with the group during off-site activities

• Recruit volunteers to become Children’s Activities Assistants to help oversee and carry out yearly activities volunteers should be rotated to serve at different times with specific activities. Conduct annual background checks on all Assistants and volunteers.

• Provide training opportunities for children workers as needed, and plan one major training/inspirational workshop a year.

• Requisition from the church office, any needed supplies or materials

• Create and implement various character-building programs

• Present parent-child activities

• Encourage church attendance through active participation

• Provide training opportunities for youth workers as needed, and plan one major training/ inspirational workshop a year

• Visit children who are homebound or hospitalized

• Participate in outreach ministry to children and their parents who have visited the church through visitation and/or notes of appreciation

• Sponsor monthly or quarterly and/or annual children’s services

• Deal with disciplinary problems in a confidential and discreet manner, advise and involve parents when necessary

Other General/Personal Responsibilities:

• Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed bible study, prayer and personal meditation.

• Become a member of Victorious Believers Ministries

• Faithfully attend services and teaching ministries.

• Financially support the work of VBM by faithfully tithing (10% of your income). Maintain wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%. Teach the Children’s department the importance of tithing and giving.

• Promote and support the overall vision of the Pastor to all Children’s Ministry participants.

• Attend at least one prayer meeting monthly (i.e. Monday evenings, Monday-Friday Noon).

• Teach children biblical mandates and engage in conduct that is in agreement with Pentecostal beliefs.


Performance of this job will be evaluated by the Pastor and/or the Senior Director of Ministries in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Policies established by Victorious Believers Ministries.

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